Our Leads

Not a Portal

Not a Broker

Just a Company with High-Quality Franchisee Candidates

Natalie Nutter Leads is proud to be the lead generation company that consistently provides the premier franchise sales leads of all the suppliers in our industry. Our technology is like no other and our process is unrivaled. As a result of these innovations, we can isolate and deliver to you only the very best candidates for your franchise offering. It is because these Natalie Nutter Leads franchise candidates that you can expect the best return on investment for every dollar in your lead acquisition budget.


Because all our franchise candidates are CALL VERIFIED

We have a team of professionals that speaks to each and every future franchisee via the phone before we send them to you. Natalie Nutter Leads will confirm the candidate’s financial resources, desired geographic territory, and interest in franchising category. If they match your profile, then we send them to you. If they don’t match, we don’t send them and you are not charged for the lead.

Because all our franchise candidates are FINANCIALLY QUALIFIED

During the live phone call with the client, our team verbally verifies that the candidate meets the minimum liquid capital and net worth requirements of your franchise offering. If they do not meet your financial verification standards, we do not pass them on to you or charge you for the lead.

Because all our franchise candidates are GEO TARGETED for FREE

The most financially and highly qualified franchise candidates are worthless when they want to buy a franchise where you don’t have one available. Avoid this kind of disappointment by setting a specific state, county or zip code from which you want to pull your candidates. Natalie Nutter leads can do this right from the start and most importantly, at no additional charge.

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