About Us

Natalie Nutter Leads: Providing the Best Franchise Candidates since 2004

We are the company that does it any way but the normal way.

Natalie Nutter Leads has a unique approach to getting the best franchise candidates that we are proud to deliver to our clients. We are a franchisee sales lead generation company that does things our way, not the normal way the other franchise sales lead companies do them. Because of this, we will get you the results you need in an industry where results are hard to get.

We believe that better candidates means better profits for our clients.

Natalie Nutter Leads can generate thousands of premium franchisee candidates in real-time. We have a proprietary technology combined with an exclusive process management system that insures that the franchise sales leads we deliver are serious about doing business. They are qualified to act, interested in the category, and geographically desirable. We may get many leads through our acquisition network, but we only focus on the very best available. We sort through to find the very best so you don’t have to. So when you use our leads, we know that you are making the most of your time, your resources and your ability to bring in profits.

Meet Natalie Nutter

Natalie Nutter is the Natalie Nutter of Natalie Nutter Leads. Obviously. What you may not know about Natalie is that she wasn’t always in the franchising industry and this is a very good thing.

Her path to franchise sales lead generation was a varied one. She began her career graduating as one of only 10 women from Purdue University’s Engineering Department with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She immediately put her hard-won education to work in the field of mechanical design automation.

Over the next 15 years, her work at her company, Rasna Corporation, helped propel them to the number 3 spot on Inc. Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Shortly after that, Rasna Corporation sold to another company for $500 Million dollars.

Natalie was ready to try her hand in a new field, but this time in business automation. She joined a company called Blue Martini Software. She applied her knowledge of mechanical design automation to the software development start up company. Through the efforts of Natalie and the rest of the team, Blue Martini Software went public only two years later with a $400 Billion peak market cap.

It was in the mid-2000s that Natalie joined the franchise industry as franchise consultant. She quickly grew frustrated at the quality of the leads she received. She felt she spent way too much time qualifying leads instead of closing them. Calling upon her work experience in design and automation of all kinds, she quickly developed a new way to get franchise sales leads.

The word spread to her colleagues that Natalie had a new way to get franchise sales leads that really worked. Soon, they were calling her wanting her to acquire their leads as well. Natalie saw that there was a demand for a better option as it pertained to franchise sales leads, so she co founded her first sales lead generation company. From there, she has continued to perfect her technology and redefine the industry standard as to what is possible with franchise sales lead generation.

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